Moderately Warm Day ahead for Chennai, Coastal TN could see evening rain

Yesterday saw dry conditions prevail over most of Tamil Nadu including Chennai as cloudy skies through most of the day held sway over weather conditions.  With two consecutive days of fairly heavy spells of rains over Chennai and surroundings it was a break yesterday though the cloudy conditions mean the weather was pleasant right through the day with the temperatures dropping to 26 degrees without thunderstorm activity in the region.

Weather_Update_21Today we could see slightly more clearer skies over North Coastal Tamil Nadu which is likely to increase the day time temperatures over the area closer to normal conditions.  On the other hand parts of South Tamil Nadu is likely to see above normal day time temperatures with one or two places in and around Madurai crossing 38 / 39 degrees with oppressive day time conditions expected over the region.


The clearer skies could possibly aid in sea breeze front forming over Coastal Tamil Nadu with models indicating the sea breeze to possibly reach about 75 – 100 kms inland.  The available moisture is fairly low till the evening which could possibly influence the potential for thunderstorms developing over North Tamil Nadu. Nevertheless there is a fair chance of isolated thunderstorms developing over Coastal Tamil Nadu.


Places around Ramanathapuram / Sivaganga & Pudukottai could see thunderstorms develop late in the afternoon today while there is a fair chance of one or two thunderstorms developing between Chennai & Pondicherry.  Will Chennai benefit from thunderstorms in the evening we need to wait and watch.