Moderately Hot Weather in Tamil Nadu set to continue

Yesterday across most places weather in Tamil Nadu saw day time temperatures record a notch or two lower than the previous few days with only Tiruttani recording the threshold 40°C.   All the other major towns & cities of the state recorded temperatures in the region of 37 / 38 degrees thanks to the atmosphere having remnant moisture in the air and partly cloudy skies most of the times.  Numerical models indicate similar conditions to persist today as well.


Rains are likely to continue over parts of Kerala with Wayanad region, South Kerala around Thiruvananthapuram getting one or two heavy spells of pre monsoon rains.  South Tamil Nadu is likely to receive isolated rains as well along the Western Ghats region from Kanyakumari to Theni districts.  The areas adjoining South Interior Karnataka and Western Tamil Nadu is likely to see rains.  Parts of Nilgiris is likely to see rains continue today as well similar to Ooty receiving 23 mm yesterday. There is some chance of stray showers along the coast between Pondy & Nagapattinam under the influence of low level moisture incursion from the East.


Weather in Tamil Nadu is likely to stay moderately hot with mostly temperatures trending around 38 degrees in the interior places while one or two places could record 40 degrees.  Coastal Tamil Nadu is likely to see the moderating influence of Easterly Sea Breeze continue keeping the temperature under check as has been the case this Agni Nakshatram period so far.


Chennai is likely to see temperatures in the region of 35 / 36 degrees in the city area while suburbs are likely to see a degree or so higher temperatures.  Western suburbs could see slightly higher temperatures on account of limited sea breeze influence during Noon time.