Moderate Weather in Namma Chennai, Interiors to remain Hot

The last couple of days have seen moderate weather in Namma Chennai under the influence of the Easterlies.   It has become a welcome break for most the citizens.  The interiors though continue to remain fairly hot with few places recording temperatures in the region of 38 / 39 degrees though for the third straight day no station in Tamil Nadu recorded in excess of 40 degrees.

Central India & places in Odisha is likely to see another hot day with the mercury touching 40 in many places.  The solace for those around MP / Chhattisgarh is there is likely to be some rains in isolated parts under the influence of a feeble upper air cyclone present in the region. Parts of Telengana and Andhra will see oppressive day time conditions continue pretty much unrelenting since possibly middle of March.  As things stand Numerical models do not show much change in the prospects for the composite Andhra region till at least the end of the  month except for possibly some marginal reduction tomorrow.

Parts of Sri Lanka has started receiving rains under the effect of the Low Latitude Easterly Wave since yesterday.  Over the next couple of days we could expect the Wave to impact parts of South Tamil Nadu as well with isolated rains expected over the districts of Kanyakumari, Tuticorin & Tirunelveli from tomorrow possibly.


Coastal Tamil Nadu will continue to see moderate day time weather conditions under the influence of the prevailing Easterlies.  Though humidity is expected to be on the higher side leading to decreased comfort factor.  Interiors are likely to see similar conditions as last couple of days to prevail with one or two places recording temperatures in the region of 39 degrees while most other places record in the range of 36 – 38 degrees.

Weather in Namma Chennai is expected to be moderately warm during the day with fairly high humidity making it a sticky day right through.   Today and tomorrow we are likely to see temperatures in the region of 33 degrees or slightly below normal in the case of possibly Meenambakkam.  Night time temperatures are also expected to be below normal, let us enjoy the little gifts from nature before Summer turns up its heat on us.