Moderate Weather in Chennai, Relief from Heat due to Easterly Wave

After a few days of  hot weather in Chennai which pretty much showed us what awaits us this summer thanks to the upcoming Easterly Wave we could look forward to some moderate weather over the next few days. Chennai along with most parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu will enjoy much needed moderate weather during these days. It still remains to be seen how much influence the upcoming Easterly Wave will have over Tamil Nadu in terms of rains.  As things stand we could see South Tamil Nadu get some rains during the early part of next week.

While South India comes out of the grip of Heat Wave it is now the turn of Central & parts of West India to be under the grip of a heat wave.  Yesterday saw many places in Gujarat touch 40 degrees and things are expected to be similar today as well as most parts of Central India is expected to be under fairly oppressive conditions.


Down South things are expected to be far better compared to a few days with only parts of Telengana still under the influence of high day time temperatures.  Most of South India will see the temperatures ease over the next few days as Easterlies gain control over extreme Southern Peninsular India.


Weather in Chennai and rest of Coastal Tamil Nadu is expected to be moderate under the influence of these Easterly winds which have picked up pace once again.  Though the temperatures are expected to stay south of 35°C along the coast humidity will be fairly high on account of the surface level winds from the sea and increased cloudiness particularly in the early part of the day.

Interior Tamil Nadu is likely to see marginal reduction in temperatures as well though it will continue to be North of 36°C at most places in the plains.  It could be a good few days before we are likely to see places in Tamil Nadu regularly touch 40s once again.