Moderate Agni Nakshatram day on the cards, Rains for Interiors

Yesterday on the first day of Agni Nakshatram temperatures were by an large lesser at most places of Tamil Nadu compared to the previous few days.  While on Tuesday 2 places crossed 41 degrees yesterday the highest was only 40.5 in Karur & Tiruttani.  Things are expected to be similar today as well with another moderately hot day expected in the coast and slightly more hotter conditions in the interiors.


Most parts of Interior South India is likely to see rains today as well under the influence of wind instability.  The last couple of days has seen Hyderabad hit by thunderstorms and is very much possible we could see a third straight day of thunderstorms in that region.  Similarly we are likely to see isolated rains over Western Tamil Nadu and parts of South Tamil Nadu as well.  One or two places in Kerala is likely to see heavy spells of rains.


In terms of temperatures it is going to be a moderately hot Agni Nakshatram day today as temperatures are expected to stay marginally lower than yesterday making it a slightly better summer day.  Interior Tamil Nadu is expected to see temperatures in the region of 39 / 40 with less possibilities of day time high temperatures hitting the low 4os’.  AP & Telengana is likely to see some respite in the heat wave conditions as temperatures are expected to move down a degree or two under the influence of the Late afternoon / evening thunderstorms in the region.


Easterlies are going to keep the temperatures under check in coastal Tamil Nadu though humidity could make it an uncomfortable day.  But considering it makes it far more comfortable than a hot Land Breeze day from the West which pretty much soars the temperature this is likely to make it a more moderately comfortable day in Chennai on the second day of Agni Nakshatram.