Marginal Respite from Hot Weather in Tamil Nadu

We are at that time of the year when Weather in Tamil Nadu is mostly about hot conditions and hotter conditions.  It has been pretty much the same for most of last week with temperatures staying on the higher side across the state.  The last couple of days though has seen the temperatures stay lower in the coastal and some marginal reduction in the interior places.

Similar trend is expected to continue for the next couple of days before the next set of oppressive conditions arrive towards the weekend.   More on that in the days to come.


Most of South India is expected to see slightly lesser temperatures compared to last week as there will also be a marginal respite for the people of Telengana as well.  Temperatures are expected to be lower by 2 / 3 degrees out there compared to the last week.   Similarly most interior places of Tamil Nadu will see temperatures in the region of around 38 / 39 degrees while one or two places could possibly touch 40 degrees.

Coastal Areas including Chennai will see slightly lower temperatures with day time maximum temperature staying around 35 degrees under the influence of the surface level Easterlies.  This is likely to continue for the next couple of days and let us enjoy the last few days of moderate summer before the Real Summer begins.