Made for Chennai Rains bring relief, chance for rains today as well

Last evening saw a case of Made for Chennai Rains bring a sigh of relief to the citizens of Chennai who were reeling under summer like conditions.  The last couple of days saw under the influence of sea breeze isolated thunderstorms around Chennai Rains though was playing hide and seek.  While a few areas were getting passing spells of showers most of the city was left to see cloudy conditions. Yesterday though the city got lucky with rains at many places and one or two places getting moderate to heavy spells of rains in the evening around 7 PM.


The season’s first monsoon depression has formed over North Bay / Gangetic West Bengal region as the monsoon dynamics is expected to notch a couple of gears with two tropical systems straddling either ends of the monsoon trough.  These two systems are expected to bring heavy rains to parts of East & Northwest India.  The monsoon depression is expected to make a slow movement along the monsoon trough in a Westward direction bringing more rains to the core monsoon zone in the days to come.


In the meanwhile though parts of Southern Peninsula continues to see poor monsoon conditions with the deficit now increasing to -27% in Kerala as things are changing for the worse in places like Wayanad where the deficit now stands at -59%.  Models do not indicate any major change in the scenario until possibly Independence Day on August 15th.  Parts of the Shayadri ranges could get heavy rains under the influence of the moisture incursion happening on account of the drag created by the Bay depression.


There is a fair chance for thunderstorms to develop triggered by sea breeze along the coastal Tamil Nadu.  Sea breeze is expected to move inland around 3 PM and is expected to make a fairly strong surge.  This could possibly trigger thunderstorms similar to yesterday,  places along the coast between Chennai & Pondy are expected to see fairly unstable atmospheric conditions that could possibly intensify one or two thunderstorms as they move closer to the coast.  All in all good chance for Chennai Rains bringing another day of relief after what is likely to be a fairly hot day.