Low Pressure In Bay of Bengal – More Rains on the way

IMD has confirmed the formation of Low Pressure in Bay of Bengal near Andaman Islands over Southeast Bay.  It is expected to intensify into a Well Marked Low over the next 48 hours.  With Northeast Monsoon already active over most parts of Coastal TN this development is expected to trigger widespread rains over Coastal Tamil Nadu in the days to come.

Northeast Monsoon Update: The Low Pressure in Bay of Bengal is expected to intensify in the days to come and move towards the Coastal Tamil Nadu.  As things stand the models are expecting this low to brush the NE coast of Sri Lanka on its way to the Indian Sub Continent, this could potentially impact the development of this disturbance.  Though with Bay of Bengal extremely conducive for Cyclogenesis, and moderate atmospheric support there is a fair possibility of this Low Pressure in Bay of Bengal to may be become a marginal cyclone.  The next 24 – 48 hours could indicate the potential development of this disturbance.


Under the influence of this Low Pressure in Bay of Bengal rains are expected to once again become widespread over Coastal TN. While the Delta districts could see rains in the coastal region during the morning / afternoon towards late evening most parts of coastal Tamil Nadu all the way from Chennai to Kanyakumari to get spells of rains.  The stretch between Chennai & Pondicherry could see some heavy spells of rains around Saturday late night or Sunday early morning.  The rains are expected to pick up intensity and peak into possibly very heavy rains over some places in North Coastal TN as Sunday gives way to Monday.

Chennai Weather Update: Chennai to see cloudy skies with possibly one or two spells of rains during the day.  As evening sets in the intensity of rains could pick up with one or two heavy spells possible midnight of Saturday & Sunday early morning.  Day time temperature is expected to stay around 28° / 29° C