Light to Moderate Rains likely over a few places in Coastal TN

Weather Update

The returning Easterlies brought light rains over a few places of Coastal Tamil Nadu on Tuesday including Chennai & parts of Delta districts. While Chennai & suburbs recorded light rains in a few areas lasting for about 10 to 15 minutes places in Nagappattinam district recorded rains for a slighlty longer period bringing about 7 mm rains to the IMD observatory at Nagappattinam though the IMD observatory at neighbouring Karaikal not far away recorded nothing.

Satellite & wind charts indicate the Easterlies have indeed brought some convection into Bay of Bengal though the overall suppressed atmospheric conditions does reflect in the intensity of the convection seen over Bay. MJO continues to remain over the Pacific Ocean though it appears it might head into Western Hemisphere any time now which could possibly bring the end game for the current cycle of MJO which will eventually end its journey over the Western Hemisphere and eventually start a fresh cycle over the Eastern Indian Ocean a week or so down the line.

The Easterlies have remained weak so far which meant the bulk of the convection stayed off the coastline well into the sea. Today the winds are expected to remain slightly weak today with things picking up tomorrow for the next couple of days. Though the winds are weak we could see light to moderate rains over a few places along the coast of Tamil Nadu. Today the rains could be seen restricted to places about 10 / 20 kms from the coast line due to the weaker winds from East. One or two places between Pondicherry & Nagappattinam may record slighlty heavier spell of rains at times today.

With winds expected to pick up from tomorrow we could possibly see rains push little more from tomorrow though the rains are unlikley to push to the interior areas which happens during the regular Northeast Monsoon time due to the overall suppressed atmospheric conditions prevailing. Chennai along with rest of Coastal TN may see this spell of light to moderate rains continue until possibly 2nd of January before dry weather returns on account of winds from North / Northeast returning.