Light Spells of Extremely Isolated Rains likely in Coastal Tamil Nadu

As though to say “Farmers don’t worry I will not let you down” Mother Nature has symbolically been giving some light rains over Coastal Tamil Nadu during the Pongal Festival.  Yesterday saw some isolated rains under the influence of the Easterlies over some parts of North Coastal Tamil Nadu while today also we are seeing some light showers to the North of Pondicherry.  Nothing gives us more satisfaction than putting any post that involves rains are expected.

The rains are going to be extremely isolated and are at best going to be passing showers at most places and light rains in a few places of Coastal Tamil Nadu.  There is a possibility of the stretch to the south of Nagappattinam could see one or two places receive moderate showers at times.

Whether this is a sign of things to come let us wait and see nevertheless any rain is welcome and this spell of rain is unlikely to spoil the festivities either.


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