Light Rains to continue for S. Tamil Nadu & Delta districts

Yesterday saw isolated rains happen over parts of Tirunelveli district in South Tamil Nadu.  Places along the Western Ghats saw moderate rains with Manimuthar dam recording 6 mm.  The TN Agro weather station Cheranmadevi recorded 8 mm rains.  Under the influence of the surface level Trough of Low Pressure South Tamil Nadu and parts of delta districts could see some more rains today

One or two places in the delta districts could be in line to record some moderate to heavy spells of rains at times particularly around  early  morning of 4th March 2017.  With the trough expected to move from East to west we could possibly see increased rainfall activity during the weekend with more places likely to get rains on Saturday and Sunday with some places in line to record moderate to heavy spells of rains in South Tamil Nadu and adjoining parts of Kerala along the Western Ghats.

In the meanwhile North Coastal Tamil Nadu will possibly have to wait until tomorrow to have any possibility of rains though chances for moderate rains is also pretty slim as things stand with the influence of trough restricted to the lower latitudes.  Partly cloudy conditions is likely to prevail over most parts of the state keeping the temperatures under check.  Going by model outputs the next week or so is likely to see below normal temperatures though it needs to be seen if conditions remain the same after the weekend rains.

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