Light Rains likely along Coastal Tamil Nadu

Weather Update
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The month of February is the driest month for Tamil Nadu. With a mean rainfall of just 13.4 mm for the state it is has the lowest average rainfall among all months. As the seasonal high pressure settles over Indian Sub continent Northerly winds rule the roost during this period bringing an overall dryness to the atmosphere.

It is not often one tends to see strong Streamlined Easterlies resembling Northeast Monsoon days. Wind Charts estimated by models during the weekend pretty much throws up such scenario with Easterlies in Bay touching in excess of 40 km/h stretching all the way from South China Sea. The next couple of days until Sunday is seen to have such strong Easterlies which will create chance for a spell of showers over Coastal Tamil Nadu.

While this is likely to trigger some rains over the coastal areas one needs to keep in mind unlike Northeast Monsoon time the atmospheric support is not ideal due to the absence of ITCZ which is deep into the Southern Hemisphere. Coastal areas from Pondicherry to Rameswaram may see isolated light rains in a few places. As the moisture travels inland convective process could trigger isolated thunderstorms in the interior parts of the state in one or two places.

While chance for rains in Chennai is much lesser compared to places further south one or two spells of showers cannot be ruled during the morning hours over the weekend.