Isolated “Veppa Salanam” Rains likely in Interior Tamil Nadu

As the temperatures in Tamil Nadu gradually ease afer the weekend heat wave the good news is the return of the “Veppa Salanam” rains to the interior parts of Peninsular India.  The last couple of days have seen some isolated rains in the West Interior Tamil Nadu area around Nilgiris / Erode district while places along the western ghats has been getting spell or two of rains.

Today is likely to be another day of reduction in temperatures for many parts of Tamil Nadu as slowly the dark reds have shrunk in the anomaly chart with normal or closer to normal temperatures returning across the state except for some pockets in North Interior TN and South TN around Madurai, Virudhunagar & Tirunelveli districts.  With Easterly winds gaining some momentum in the last couple of days the coastal areas have seen an appreciable reduction in temperatures which will continue today as well with places like Chennai seeing day time high of around 35/36°C.  Interior areas are likely to see reduction as well today with most places settling around 39/40°C with possibly Madurai, Trichy, Karur & Vellore closer to 41/42°C.

Thanks to the confluence of winds created by a couple of troughs & Upper Air Cyclonic Circulations present in Peninsular India we are likely to witness some rains in the interior parts of Peninsular India later in the afternoon / evening.  South Interior Karnataka, parts of Rayalaseema region and West Interior Tamil Nadu is likely to be the beneficiary of these rains.

Erode, Salem, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri & Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu are well placed for rains today with the possibility of hailstorm exists as well in isolated places near Erode / Salem belt.

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