Isolated Heavy Thunderstorms likely over Kerala

Weather Update
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Thunderstorm season has well and truly started over Kerala and places adjoining the Western Ghats are witnessing pretty much daily thunderstorm activity. Along with Kerala places on the other side of the Ghats in Tamil Nadu is also seeing an uptick in thunderstorm activity. Yesterday saw parts of Coimbatore district, particularly places to the North of the city like TNAU, P N Palayam etc recorded rains for second straight day.

Today also weather models indicate wind discontinuity induced atmospheric instability to happen through the creeping of Westerlies over the West Coast. LWD Conditions all the way from Kerala to South Interior Karnataka is seen to develop later in the afternoon bringing possibility of thunderstorms to many places over Kerala.

Few places in Central & North Kerala is likely to see moderate to intense thunderstorm activity on account of temporary wind convergence that is seen over the region. Like yesterday parts of Coimbatore, Nilgiris has chance of thunderstorms & rains along with one or two places closer to the Ghats in districts like Tiruppur, Dindigul, Tenkasi & Tirunelveli.