Isolated thunderstorms for Tamil Nadu

Yesterday saw thunderstorms happen in Tamil Nadu at a few places though overall the spread of the thunderstorms was much lesser compared to the previous days.  Parts of South Tamil Nadu got some rains around Madurai, Sivagangai and Pudukottai districts with Devakottai recording about 29 mm rains.  In a case of sea breeze triggered localized development parts of South Chennai saw over head thunderstorms develop giving rains to a few areas.  Anna University recorded about 11 mm from this spell of rains.  It was highly localized to South Chennai with rest of the city going dry.

The day time temperature is expected to be above normal across most parts of the state except for possibly Chennai and its surrounding areas where the temperatures could be near normal or slightly below normal.  Parts of South Tamil Nadu around Tirunelveli / Virudhunagar could see sweltering conditions continue as has been the case for the last few days.

Isolated thunderstorms are likely to prevail over one or two places of Tamil Nadu with possibly the active South TN stretch of Madurai / Sivangana / Pudukottai likely to see another day of rains in few places.  As far as Coastal Tamil Nadu goes we could possibly see sea breeze triggered storms in a few places in Delta and North Coastal Tamil Nadu near Chennai.  Overall the rainfall pattern will be subdued like yesterday with the spread of rains limited to localized developments.

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