Isolated spells of Chennai Rains set to Continue

In a continuing relationship with Chennai rains occurred at many places of the city last night. The IMD AWS in Nungambakkam recorded 29 mm rains and the observatory in Chennai Airport recorded 36 mm rains till 5:30 in the morning.  The COMK weather station in Anna Nagar received 38.1 mm rains till the morning.

Yesterday though the action was pretty much to the West of Chennai with places around Avadi, Tiruvallur receiving very heavy spells of rains during the day.  Avadi ended the day with more than 12 cms rains from these spells.  In what could potentially bring heavy inflows into Chembarambakkam the catchment areas of the lake also received heavy spells of rains.

Northeast Monsoon Update : With now a Low Pressure Area evolving over the Arabian Sea Kerala & coastal Karnataka could see fairly widespread rains and a few places could receive heavy rains as well.  The Low Presssure is expected to slightly intensify and move in a Westward direction over the next couple of days and slowly loose its influence over the Indian subcontinent.



In an indirect influence the Low Pressure has got the the winds are pretty much perfectly aligned Easterlies for North Coastal TN which could potentially bring spells of rains to many places in North Coastal TN.   Today could see fairly widespread rains in Western TN region like yesterday.  One or two places in Nilgiris district & Coimbatore / Tiruppur district could see heavy spells of rains during the day.  Also a few places in North Interior TN along Tiruvannamalai / Vellore region could see rains at a few places and heavy rains in one or two places.


Chennai Rains Update: Thanks to the fairly strong Easterlies spells  for Chennai rains are expected to continue in an isolated manner.  Towards the evening we could see one or two heavy spells with overnight rains expected tonight as well like last night.  Day time temperature could stay at around 30°C

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