Isolated Rains to continue in Interior Peninsular India

As expected the interaction between Western Disturbance and the dry easterlies had resulted in the rains for many places in the interiors of Peninsular India. A few places like Sankaran Koil etc got more than 100 mm a couple of days back.


Consequent to the presence of upper air trough to the west of Chennai the interior regions of Peninsular India are expected to get some rains today as well. Interior Places in Western Tamil Nadu & one or two places in North Tamil Nadu could get some spells of rains.

It would be more pronounced in the areas around Western Ghats. One or two places could once again get heavy rains. Areas around Bangalore etc could also receive some heavy spells of rains.

There is a possibility this upper air trough could develop into an Upper Air Circulation in a day or two we will monitor the progress and keep you posted on the developments