Isolated Rains likely in South Tamil Nadu

நெடுங்கடலும் தன்நீர்மை குன்றும் தடிந்தெழிலி தான்நல்கா தாகி விடின், Thiruvalluvar in a stanza and a half not only explains the physical process of rains but also explains why at times Rains over the Sea is not a destructive phenomenon. Tamil Scholar Mu. Va’s explanation for this Kural goes as “மேகம் கடலிலிருந்து நீரைக் கொண்டு அதனிடத்திலேயே பெய்யாமல் விடுமானால், பெரிய கடலும் தன் வளம் குன்றிப் போகும்”

As we get into late December / January we will slowly start to see more rains in the Sea than land along the vast expanse of Equatorial Indian Ocean. When we see it in the context of the above Thirukural we might possibly not feel bad about Chennai not receiving any rains while places in the Sea seem to be getting heavy rains.

As mentioned in our post yesterday we have slowly started to see the Easterlies return over Coastal Tamil Nadu.  This is getting more pronounced in the Southern parts of the state while the Northern parts of the state like Chennai continues to see the impact of dry air from the continent.

Delta & places to the south of Delta could see a spell or two of light / moderate rains at times today with models indicating some of these rain bands pushing further interiors up to the Western Ghats giving moderate thunderstorms to a few places along the Western Ghats in South TN.  Chance for rains over North Tamil Nadu continues to remain less.  As things stand the prospects for Chennai is not going to improve drastically unless there is a change in the overall synoptic conditions.