Isolated Rains lash Chennai, chance today as well

Yesterday evening say isolated places in and around Chennai get light to moderate rains as thunderstorms from the interiors moved towards the sea passing parts of the city on their way.  Sholavaram & Minjur in the Northern areas of the city along with the IMD Weather Station at Anna University recorded good rains from these thunderstorms while the Airport Observatory in Meenambakkam recorded 2 mm rains.

Models indicate today also there is a fair chance for some rains along the coast of Tamil Nadu with the usual suspects of Sivaganga & Pudukottai along with parts of Madurai district expected to get some spells of showers in Tamil Nadu.  With the Monsoon current waning over the southern parts of Peninsular India the last couple of days have seen sea breeze move inland to a fair extent and models expect the same across the coastal stretch between Delta to South Andhra Pradesh which is expected to play a role in the development of convective thunderstorms today as well.

The next couple of days will indeed present similar opportunities for isolated rains along the coastal stretch which under the right conditions could end up giving more than moderate spells of rains if all the things fall in place perfectly.  Will Chennai fall under one such conditions in the coming days of the week? Let us hope so. As far as today is concerned we could see another close day for Chennai with possibly one or two Western suburbs and one or two Southern suburbs getting a moderate thunderstorm.  As with convective thunderstorms the place of origin and the prevailing wind directions matter a lot in terms of impact area.


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