Isolated Rains in Tamil Nadu set to continue

Isolated Rains in Tamil Nadu continued yesterday as well with parts of Thanjavur, Pudukottai & Tiruvallur districts recording moderate rainfall.  It was a case of close miss for Chennai as the thunderstorms that developed near Arakkonam came all the way up to Poonamallee and then completely disintegrated.  While day before yesterday the sea breeze front penetrated inland up to almost 50 kms yesterday saw sea breeze stay closer to coast at around 20 km or so this could possibly have played a role as well in the storms not sustaining till the coast. Weather_Update_1

In the meanwhile conditions continue to be favorable for these isolated rains in Tamil Nadu to continue today as well.  Indications are indicating a possibly a weak sea breeze day like yesterday though this could possibly change with much more clearer skies expected today.  Nevertheless there is a fair chance of thunderstorms happening in the stretch between Chennai & Pondicherry.  There is still a question mark on the wind pattern which could possibly indicate a possible close miss day once again for Coastal Areas though this we will know once the thunderstorms form.



Chennai could see fairly clear skies during the day with temperatures possibly inching closer to 34 / 35 degrees with sea breeze possibly setting around 2 / 3 PM.  There is a fair chance of some of the interior thunderstorms that form around the Vellore region to reach Chennai and surrounding places if the wind pattern sustains.