Isolated Rains in South TN & Kerala, Rest of Tamil Nadu to be Hot

Yesterday saw some marginal respite in hot conditions for Tamil Nadu with only Dharmapuri crossing 40 degrees while a few places in Kanyakumari district got rains along with parts of South Kerala.  Chennai also saw reduction in temperatures with the city observatory recording 35.1 while Airport recorded 37 degrees fairly lesser than what was being recorded over the last few days.

The trend may continue over the next few days with the temperatures expected to stay around average conditions in most parts of the state.   While the interiors will continue to see fairly hot conditions coastal region could see the effect of surface level Easterly winds keeping the temperature under check once again for a few days.  18_4_1

Northeast India has been receiving heavy thunderstorms over the last few days thanks to the wind instability prevailing in the region.  Aided by the intense heat which Gangetic Plain has been seeing for the last week or so these thunderstorms become very intense while the cross Bangladesh on its way towards the rough Northeast terrain creating fairly intense thunderstorms late in the evening.  Today is going to be no different with few places expected to see heavy rains with the possibility of one or two places receiving hailstorm as well in the region.   Parts of South Kerala along with few places near Western Ghats in Kanyakumari & Tirunelveli district could see spells of rains today as well with few places getting heavy spells at times.


As mentioned above interior places will continue to see hot conditions with temperatures staying around 39 degrees at most places in the Central & Western Tamil Nadu region.  One or two places could cross 40 degrees but overall the temperatures would stay marginally lower than last week.  Coastal places will see temperatures in the region of around 35 / 36 degrees making it more comfortable than the interiors.  Going by models today we could see parts of Maharashtra see intense daytime heating particularly along the Vidharbha & Marathwada regions.  We could see quite a few places inch closer to 45 degrees maximum temperature making it very oppressive during the afternoon.