Isolated Rains in South TN, Fair Weather in Chennai

As has been the case for the last few days Weather in Chennai is expected to continue nice and clear for today as well.  With pretty much moisture restricted to south of the Delta region rain prospects for North TN is limited and practically non existent.

Northeast Monsoon Update: With the easterlies bringing in moisture along the coast of South Tamil Nadu and partially aided by the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation off the Comorin coast there is likely for some isolated rain prospects in Coastal TN though these are going to be extremely isolated and possibly moderate spells at most times.  One or two places could get heavy spells at times with possibly heavier spells expected between Vedaranyam and Thootukudi area.

With the UAC around some parts of South Kerala could see isolated spells of rains but overall the rains in Kerala is expected to slow down today along with the rest of South Tamil Nadu.


Chennai Weather Update: Mostly clear skies during the day with temperatures expected to settle around 31°C during the afternoon.  Thanks to the clearer skies expect the temperatures to drop fast during the evening and the night time temperature to settle around 21°C.  Places in Western Suburbs could see the temperatures be a degree or two lesser than the city and possibly could be around 19 – 20°C.  Let us enjoy the mild winter without the fear or rain and panic about any rumours talking about possible cyclones etc towards the end of the month.