Isolated Rains in South India expected over the next few days

After a fairly long dry spell Isolated Rains in South India are expected to come back over the course of early next week thanks to the Wind Confluence taking place over Central India & Peninsular India.  These rains are expected to benefit mostly the interior areas of the region while most parts of South India could see cloudy weather over the next few days keeping day time temperature under check.


With the wind confluence triggering rains in Central India it could be time for rains in South India as well soon.  An Induced Circulation over NW India expected is to drag in moisture from the Arabian Sea.   These moist winds are expected to interact with the dry outflow from the High Pressure over North Bay creating an unstable atmosphere over Central India and parts of South India as well.  Thanks to this instability parts of Interior Karnataka, Telengana & Rayalseema regions could see some rains from tomorrow.  These rains will be confined to mostly the interior regions with some possibilities of rains for the North Interior TN regions adjoining these areas.


Thanks to the instability most parts of South India is going to see cloudy skies keeping the temperatures under check.  As one could observe from the above chart most parts of South India are going to see extremely moderate weather with temperatures around 30°C.  Parts of West Coast could see below normal temperatures as well due to the cloudy skies.


Not only is the day time temperatures going to get moderated we could see a slight increase in night time temperatures as well particularly around the interior places of Peninsular India which in the absence of clear skies could see the trapped day time heat provide some comfort during the nights.  On an average expect the night time temperatures over the course of next few days to be a couple of degrees higher than last week.