Isolated Rains in S.India. Chennai could get passing showers

After almost a week of dry spell across most places it is time once again for some Isolated Rains in S.India .  While this spell of rains are unlikely to revive the Northeast Monsoon over North Tamil Nadu, it could give one or two heavy spells of rains in South TN before the year ends.

Northeast Monsoon Update : Under the influence of a Trough of Low which is now seen near Andaman Islands Rains in S.India are likely to return once again to the coastal areas of East Peninsular Coast.  The trough of low is expected to move towards Peninsular Coast as a weak disturbance with pretty much marginal convection.26_12_1

As the disturbance moves closer to the coast the rains are likely to pick up over South TN & adjoining Sri Lanka. As things stand it is likely to bring in moderate rains to a few places along the coast and the impact would be possibly limited on account of Sri Lanka being in the line of these Easterlies.


In the meanwhile parts of North TN & South Coastal AP could be in line to receive one or two spells of rains on account of the convergence of Dry Continental Air from Central India & the Moist Easterlies from the Bay.  The rains could possibly be more pronounced over Coastal AP while one or two places in North TN could get one or two moderate spells of rain.  Since Bay is also not in the best of shape in terms of moisture availability these rains are unlikely to be heavy even though there exists a possibility of an instability on account of the convergence of different air mass.

Chennai Weather Update: Partly cloudy skies on the cards with day time temperatures expected to be around 30°C.  Due to cloud cover we could see potentially higher humidity than normal.  Towards late evening / night one or two areas could see spells of passing showers these are at most likely to be light drizzle with nothing heavy on the cards.