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With the Unstable atmospheric conditions persisting Rains in Peninsular India are likely to continue over the next couple of days.  Yesterday saw isolated rains in parts of Karnataka and cloudy skies over most parts of South India.  The situation is pretty much going to be the trend for most part of this week.


A combination of a dipping upper level trough and the wind confluence aided by the High Pressure over the North Bay region has created a region of instability which runs all the way from Central India to Peninsular India up to South Karnataka & Rayalaseema region.  Because of this instability these regions stand a very good chance of some spells of rains with few places potentially receiving heavy rains accompanied by Hailstorms.


The districts of South Karnataka & South AP particularly around Anantapur / Chittoor region could see some rains today with one or two places receiving isolated heavy spells during the late evening / night.  The heaviest spells of rains will be to the North of Bangalore around Kadiri / Madanapallee. As the night progresses these rains bands could shift slightly to the east around the Kaddappa region of Rayalseema and may be some isolated rains in the coastal region of South Andhra Pradesh around the Ongole / Nellore region. Rest of South India could mostly see cloudy skies which could keep the day time temperatures under check and make the stage for warmer than normal nights across the Peninsular Region.

Chennai could see cloudy skies most of the time, the possibility of rains are as of now very less though areas to the North of Chennai around the Tada / Pulicat region could receive one or two passing showers. The nights are expected to be warmer than normal with minimum temperatures settling around 21 / 22°C compared to the 20° that was seen during the weekend.