Isolated Rains in Peninsular India as High Temperatures Continue

There was isolated rains in Peninsular India under the influence of wind induced instability thanks to a combination of synoptic factors.  These rains happened in the interior regions of South India with places around Tirupati, Bangalore and a few pockets of Chittoor, Anantapur & Guntur districts of Andhra Pradesh.

It is that time of the year when the wheels of motion with regard to the changing wind directions start to roll.  The time of the year when the process of Easterlies giving way to Westerlies starts to materialize.   It is the interior region that starts to see the change in the wind directions much earlier compared to Coastal Tamil Nadu.

With changing winds come the possibility of wind instability driven rains / hailstorms.  Aided by the intense ground heat that radiates back to the atmosphere driving the air back into the atmosphere this rising air starts to create its own version of atmospheric instability while interacting with particles at the higher levels providing for rains & hailstorms in a few instances.   At times the when the incoming Western Disturbances dips low into the Peninsular India the amplitude of the instability increases manifold creating potentially potentially heavy rains in Peninsular India at isolated places.  14_3

A series of synoptic conditions exist right across the length of the country starting from the Western Disturbance in Jammu and Kashmir to a trough extending into South Tamil Nadu from an Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation existing over the North Peninsular India region.  Most parts of Peninsular India could potentially see a wind confluence triggering the instability for rains. Thanks to these synoptic conditions we could see isolated rains in Peninsular India with a few places in the interior region getting one or two spells of heavy rains.

Day time temperatures are expected to remain fairly high across the interior parts of South India with most places seeing temperatures in the 37 – 39°C band.  East Coast will continue to remain under the influence Easterlies preventing any major increase in temperatures for places like Chennai