Isolated Rains in Chennai & Suburbs bring relief, Shape of things to come

Yesterday saw Isolated Rains in Chennai and its suburbs bring relief from the humid and uncomfortable nights that has been the pattern most of August.  The pattern of rains in Chennai skewed towards the Southern parts of the city and suburbs further to it.  Last night saw fairly intense thunderstorms develop around Kanchipuram and make its way towards the coast passing along Chengalpattu, Madurantagam areas.  In Chennai HVF Avadi & Anna University recorded moderate rains while spells of light rains were recorded in city areas.


Temperatures are expected to stay above normal for most parts of Tamil Nadu though the North TN along with the coastal areas in the region could see temperatures reduce slightly compared to the last few days with places like Chennai seeing temperatures in the region of 35 degrees while slightly to the interiors temperatures could be a degree or so higher.  Sea Breeze is expected to once again move in around Noon for most parts of North Coastal TN & adjoining region of South AP which could possibly trigger some isolated thunderstorms in the stretch between Kanchipuram & Tirupati.  With favourable wind pattern we could possibly see another day of Rains in Chennai with one or two areas getting moderate spells of rains later in the evening / night.


In the meanwhile an evolving Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation in West Central Bay is likely to bring back the rains to Andhra & Telengana states as the stage is getting set for the next Low Pressure in Bay of Bengal in the coming days around weekend.  The position of Low Pressure could possibly influence the rainfall pattern in Southern Peninsular India with a slight dip to the south giving more areas the benefit of rains.  West Coast is likely to see another day of moderate rains in quite a few places as things show improvement there as well in terms of synoptic support.