Isolated Rains for Peninsular India

With the sun moving into the Northern Hemisphere it is that time of the year when Convection driven Thunderstorms start to happen.  An event which creates a lot of debate and discussions among weather community.  It is also that time of the year when one starts to hearing rains on account of “Veppa Salanam” regularly from IMD Chennai.

From now COMK will try to post a daily weather update with possibly places where rainfall could be expected due to synoptic conditions and possibly due to convection triggered thunderstorms.  A word of caution, while we take extreme care in forecasting possibly rainfall locations, we are passionate amateurs who might get it wrong at times.  Please bear with us when the rains do not happen as expected.


Today could see some isolated rains over peninsular India with a possibility of heavy rains over one or two places in Rayalseema & Telangana Region. South Interior Karnataka, North Interior Tamil Nadu could also see isolated rains due to the interaction of warm dry air and moist air from the Bay.  The dipping Western Disturbance is expected to aid this interaction and possibly create hailstorm rains in a place or two.

In the meanwhile Coastal Tamil Nadu could see isolated rains due to moisture incursion from Easterlies.  One of two places in North Coastal Tamil Nadu could also see light rains.  Chennai could see cloudy weather right through the day, don’t be surprised if we get a spell or two of rains in one or two areas.