Isolated heavy thunderstorms likely over Delta dts & South TN

Weather Update

Many parts of Tamil Nadu saw good overnight thunderstorms lash during the early morning hours of Saturday. What started as a relatively quiet Friday evening with only two clusters developing, one near Madurai & another near Polur, as the night progressed the storms around Tiruvannamalai / Polur started blooming after midnight triggering fresh cells over many places in the adjoining districts. The day break saw interior storms move towards the coast Pondicherry was hit by intense spell of rains with the IMD observatory there recording more than 5 cms in 3 hours.

In a separate development the Northwest suburbs of Chennai started seeing fresh cells develop through the incoming westerly remnant moisture getting helping hand from the coastal convergence. A sudden rapid intensification saw places like Red Hills, Puzhal hit by a localized cloud burst type of conditions bringing nearly 6 cms of rains in less than an hour. Similarly other western & northern suburbs around that region got hit by rains with a lag of 15 to 30 minutes. The southern parts of Chennai though missed out mostly on the spells

Looking at the weather models it appears wind induced instabilities are shown to prevail at multiple levels over the southern parts of Peninsular India with parts of Tamil Nadu coming not only under the influence of East West Shear Zone type of conditions but also convergence at lower levels. This is likely to bring another active day of thunderstorms for Tamil Nadu both interiors & the coast. While it may be easy to say due to early morning rains thunderstorms may not happen over North Tamil Nadu one also needs to keep in account the atmospheric instabilities being created by the wind convergence & East West shear zone. But it appears today Delta districts & adjoining areas of South TN along with parts of West TN will possibly be more active compared to North TN, nevertheless areas that missed out the early morning spells in Chennai have a chance to catch up with another post midnight spell of rains with some luck.