Isolated heavy rains likely over South Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

It is always satisfying when the seasonal tally of Monsoon for the year, be it Southwest Monsoon or Northeast Monsoon, cross the seasonal averages. As of yesterday the seasonal tally for Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry has touched 452.3 crossing the seasonal average of 447.4 mm during the month of October to December. With another 10 days or so left still for the year to end 2020 could end up as the 3rd best year in the past decade after 2015 & 2011.

With just 10 days left for the year to end, we are now entering the zone where Northeast Monsoon is getting towards the fag end of its journey. Going by past experiences we have seen the monsoon suddenly shut off bringing curtains to the season without any warning. But it appears this year we might see rains continue into the new year as well looking at the way weather models have been consistent on the entry of a fresh pulse into Bay of Bengal from South China Sea around Christmas. More on it as things firm up.

Nevertheless while rains are likely to continue for another day or so with isolated heavy rains over South TN today from tomorrow rains could gradually reduce bringing a break of about 7 / 8 days or so.