Interior Tamil Nadu to see drop in Night Time Temperatures

Parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu saw cloudy skies last morning which made it a pleasant day around Chennai while places like Madurai, Karur, Trichy etc recorded temperatures around 32 / 33 degrees making it a warm day elsewhere.  The early morning cloudiness gave way to clear skies later in the evening which has resulted in the night time temperatures in Chennai drop by almost a degree compared to the previous few days.

With dry weather expected to continue for a further couple of days at the least we could see some dip in night time temperatures over Peninsular India particularly around Interior Tamil Nadu, adjoining parts of Karnataka & Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh.  Numerical Models indicate temperatures to drop appreciably along the Western Ghats as well along the Kerala / Tamil Nadu borders which could possibly indicate ground frost conditions in the upper reaches of these hill ranges.

Models also indicate night time temperatures to stay around 15°C in many parts of Vellore, Krishnagiri & Dharmapuri districts with some places expected to stay further low at around 13 / 14°C.  Models are indicating coastal Tamil Nadu also to see some dip in temperatures under the influence of slightly more Northerly winds with places like Chennai to see temperatures in the region of 20 / 21°C in the city and around 18 /19°C in the suburbs.

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