Interior Tamil Nadu to get isolated rains

One of the strongest Western Disturbances of this season is on its way to provide possibly the rainiest period for India if one excludes the South West Monsooon Season.

As it moves West to East crossing into India from Pakistan in the next day or two picking up intensity to Depression status it would pull in moisture from the Arabian Sea


At the same time the HPA at higher levels sitting over Myanmar through its outflow is pushing in dry air over the peninsular India from the eastern side.


The interaction of these two fronts would create instability over Peninsular India providing possible opportunities of Rainfall & and Hailstorms in one or two places over Southern Peninsular India.  Though the rains are expected to be at more places in Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh, a few places in interior Tamil Nadu are also expected to get rains.  One or two spells of occasional rains for Chennai might be a possibility though the chances of that happening is not extremely high.

Places along the Gangetic Plains are expected to get good widespread rains over the weekend with HP, Kahmir, Uttaranchal high reaches coming under another fresh spell of snow.