Interior Tamil Nadu Rains & Thunderstorms on the cards

With a fortnight gone in May we are still to experience hot summer in the strictest sense thanks to benevolent nature in the form of UAC not only negating the impact of Summer but providing rainfall to many places of South India.

The UAC that started its journey off the Kerala Coast has not travelled all the way upto off Andhra Coast and is in its last stages of life though there is a possibility of revival over Bay of Bengal.


In conjunction with a fresh UAC at 500 hPa levels thats off the Tamil Nadu coast we are going to see a highly unstable upper air condition over interior regions of Peninsular India.  The collision of dry air from the HPA over Arabian Sea and the moist air from the UAC over Bay is going to trigger severe thunderstorms.  As far as Tamil Nadu Rains & Thunderstorms are going to be active today especially along the north Interior regions adjoining Andhra & Karnataka.

Thanks to huge moisture incursion at lower levels aided by the cross equatorial flow of trade winds Kerala & South Tamil Nadu would also get some good spells of rains.

As far as Chennai & North Coastal Tamil Nadu is concerned the steering winds are 100% positive though some of those thunderstorms triggered by the lower level westerlies could find its way to the coastal regions and giving some rainfall opportunities.  There could be a few spells of rains in isolated areas of Chennai at times before the evening.  After today evening it is going to be pretty much dry days for Chennai and possibly the rebirth of Kathiri & Summer


Enjoy this last day of rains what ever be the quantum if not enjoy the comfortable weather