Interior Tamil Nadu Rains & Isolated Hailstorms on the cards

This summer has already seen hailstorms in many places of Interior Tamil Nadu, even as recent as last Friday pockets of places around Krishnagiri saw hailstorms while few areas in Vellore saw hailstorms on Wednesday. Today could potentially see hailstorms in a few places

The Upper Air Circulation well established over 700 & 500 hPa levels in Bay of Bengal  has been moving in a Westward direction towards Tamil Nadu Coast.  Over the next couple of days it is expected to be off the Tamil Nadu coast providing possible rainfall opportunities over many places.

As with pattern over the last few days Heat Induced Convection (Veppa Salanam) would be the trigger for rains over interior places so expect rains to happen around or after 3 PM. The tri junction area of North Interior TN, South Interior AP, South Interior Karnataka is going to see potentially the highest and most widespread rains.  This spread of area is possibly seeing a confluence of different air mass as well, dry air from Central India & Moisture from the bay adding to the instability in the region.

Places around Bangalore, Dharmapuri, Tirupathur, Madanapalle and possibly near Gudiyatham have the best chance of heaviest spells of rains and potential hailstorms.  For Interior Tamil Nadu Rains are a sure shot possibility today with fairly wide spread rain pattern expected.


Chennai unfortunately is facing an island syndrome as far as rains are considered due to divergent wind pattern prevailing over Chennai at lower and upper levels.  Though all is not lost we see potentially few spells of rains for Chennai to.  At this moment we don’t want to quantify it because of the wind pattern towards the evening it would be easier to firmly provide the rainfall prospects for Chennai.