Interior Peninsular India enjoys a day of intense thunderstorms

Yesterday saw one of the most widespread thunderstorms in Peninsular India with large swathes of the region coming under the effect of pre monsoon thunderstorms.  Aided by the presence of the Low Pressure Area in Bay of Bengal the afternoon convective thunderstorms bloomed into a wide spread activity mirroring a synoptic scale rainfall event.  Interior districts of Tamil Nadu like Vellore, Salem, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, enjoyed a very good day of rains while even coastal places like Mahabalipuram enjoyed a spell of thunderstorms in the late afternoon.


Yecaud recorded about 6 cms rains while Vrinchipuram on the banks of River Palar in Vellore district recorded 56 mm for the same period as thunderstorms lashed the interior districts.  As the evening progressed the storms moved further to the West giving rains to parts of Coimbatore & Erode district as well.  Bengaluru enjoyed another superb day of pre monsoon thunderstorms as about 8 cms rainfall was recorded in the city observatory of IMD

With the last night thunderstorm activity still keeping some remnant clouding over most parts of the region we could possibly see the temperatures be under check today.  With the effect of Low Pressure still lingering we could possibly see another day of thunderstorms develop though the intensity could be lesser over Tamil Nadu while parts of North AP & Odisha could see a good day of rains.

Numerical Models indicate a possible spell or two of light showers for North Coastal Tamil Nadu close to Chennai we will have to see if things move in this direction considering the remnant clouding that is expected to prevail over the early part of the day.

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