Interesting Days Ahead for Weather Bloggers

Weather Update

Every weather event is a learning experience for active weather bloggers. While there are many who track weather models only to see when & where will it rain, a majority stay back at this level without trying to graduate to the hows & whys leading to disappointments many a time when the rains eventually dont turn up as expected by weather models.

But some decide to take the “Road less taken” in terms of trying to understand the “Hows & Whys” in their quest to learn. Those who become detached to rains but purely look at each weather event as a learning experience are those who have possibly reached Zen state. They hold no disappointment of missing rains but possibly feel happy when they locate the answers they search for among weather model behavior.

Off season is the best time to make this journey towards learning as it provides for slow paced activities which show up sometimes well in advance in weather models allowing us to track & observe the trends for possible changes and learn through the exercise.