Indian Sub Continent Heats up

Weather Update
Reading Time: 2 minutes

With nearly a week of April month gone heat has picked up everywhere. Places in Central India & West India have started seeing temperatures climb. Till March end the regular WD express meant temperatures were mostly under control due to moisture incursion and cloudy skies time to time.

Interior Tamil Nadu continues to remain hot with many places in the Central & South Tamil Nadu region seeing day time maximum temperatures stay nearly 4 / 5 degrees above normal. While coastal places like Chennai see the temperatures stay near normal / go above normal based on the sea breeze intrusion the interior areas of Tamil Nadu have been consistently seeing temperatures well above normal for many days now.

But the last couple of days its the heat quotient over Northwest & Central India that is the talk of the town among weather bloggers as Khargone in Madhya Pradesh recorded the first 45°C of 2019 over the Indian Sub Continent on Thursday. Phalodi & Barmer in Rajasthan were not far away recording in excess of 44°C as well. Many places in UP, MP, Maharashtra, Gujarat & Rajasthan have seen temperatures stay around 43°C for the past couple of days with similar conditions like today as well.