Increased Night time Temperature in Chennai Expected

The last 3 or 4 days has seen night time temperature in Chennai return to pleasant & cool mode with temperature in Nungambakkam recording around 22°C while the Airport IMD observatory recorded 19.7°C a couple of days back.  This was on account of the High Pressure Zone which was present over Peninsular India.  As a consequence even interior places of Tamil Nadu recorded fairly cold weather conditions with Dharmapuri dipping to 13.8°C yesterday.

These conditions are expected to change from the weekend with slightly warmer mornings set to return back to Chennai and most parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu.  While interior Tamil Nadu will continue to see fairly cool nights the temperatures will slowly start to inch closer towards 17 / 18°C from the current 15°C.   Similarly coastal areas of Tamil Nadu will see night time minimum temperatures to increase by about 1 / 2°C from the weekend.


Day time temperatures are expected to be fairly high over most parts of Peninsular India except for the coastal areas along the East Coast of Tamil Nadu.  Interior regions of Telengana, Rayalaseema & Interior Karnataka will continue to see temperatures in the region of 36 / 37°C.  Similarly West Coast will continue to see very high day time temperatures.  Interior Places of Tamil Nadu will continue to see moderately hot days with places like Salem being close to 35°C.  One or two places in South TN also could see day time temperatures in similar region.


The night time temperatures will start to show a slow but steady increase in the days to come over most parts of Peninsular India.  Except for isolated pockets in South Interior Karnataka & parts of Rayalaseema the temperatures are expected to slowly push up above 17°C in most interior places while places in the East Coast will start to see temperatures in excess of 22 / 23°C.   While it would certainly continue to be pleasant the nippy feeling during early mornings will come down.

Daytime temperature in Chennai is expected to stay around 32°C while night time minimum temperature will be around 22 / 23°C.  As mentioned above the nippy early mornings will fade away in the days to come.