Increase in Temperatures Likely over Chennai & Suburbs

So far this Summer Chennai has been relatively better off in terms of the heat quotient being moderated by the influence of the Easterlies from the Bay.  While Chennai AP has recorded a highest of 37.9°C so far this year, Nungambakkam observatory has been slightly better touching 36°C only thrice so far in 2018 with a maximum of 36.6°C.  The influence of the slightly more moist Easterly winds from the Bay has a major role in keeping the temperatures under check for Chennai and rest of the coastal cities.

Regular weather observers know the hottest period for the coastal places like Chennai coincides with strengthening westerlies and when the hot winds from the Rayalaseema region blows in from Northwest of Chennai.  The interior places of Tamil Nadu typically see hotter climate first while Chennai, Puducherry etc are late bloomers in the Heat Game.

Numerical models indicate a period of pseudo westerlies to prevail over the next few days, albeit of less intensity, under the influence of the Westerly Trough which we mentioned in our post yesterday.

While the temperatures are not going to be like the typical late May conditions models are indicative most parts of Chennai and suburbs to see temperatures increase by a couple of degrees. The suburbs to the west will possibly see the hottest conditions. While today will be fairly hot the models indicate tomorrow and day after to possibly be the peak of the current temporary spell of increased temperatures.