Increase in Rains likely over Coastal TN later today

Weather Update

Weather Blogging is a hobby that teaches a lot of patience as very rarely we are an active participant but almost always a passive observer of things happening at its own pace. Couple of lines from this mellifluous song sung by P B Srinivas in the film Nenjil Or Aalayam is perhaps apt for the weather bloggers in terms of their ever positive expectations despite outlooks to the contrary by weather models. முடிந்த கதை தொடர்வதில்லை இறைவன் ஏட்டினிலே தொடர்ந்த கதை முடிவதில்லை மனிதன் வீட்டினிலே. Many a times Weather bloggers ignore the reality staring in from of their eyes while trying to look for something behind an imaginary haze.

The last couple of days weather models have been sort off bang on in their assessment of most parts of Tamil Nadu being under the influence of the slightly drier Northerly winds bringing with it haze rather than rains after Northeast Monsoon onset was announced by IMD on Monday.

The satellite image indicates moderate convection persisting around the Low Pressure Area which is expected to gradually push west bringing the Easterlies along with it pushing into coastal areas of TN later today. With Easterlies pushing in we can slowly start seeing an increase in rainfall along the coastal areas from later today with things looking good for a few places right along the coast line to come under some fairly intense spell of rains as possible dryline thunderstorms happen about within 5 to 10 kms from the coastline.

Delta districts, parts of Ramanathapuram, Thoothukudi & Tirunelveli district may come under moderate to heavy spell of rains as the circulation moves closer to Sri Lanka / Tamil Nadu Coast. But the key consideration one cannot ignore in the current context is the land interaction of the LPA over Sri Lankan landmass could mean major improvement in the strength of the disturbance looks unlikely as things stand now.

Chennai could see rains start around a few hours from the time of this post, later today evening / night we might see moderate rains at many places with few places right along the coast line seeing very spell of rains. Over the next few days we might see moderate rains continue for Chennai.