Hotter Days in Chennai is on the cards

While most of last week saw moderate weather, hotter days in Chennai is on the cards in the coming week.  Yesterday Chennai Nungambakkam was only marginally hotter (0.2°C) while Meenambakkam was about 0.8°C hotter compared to normal expected temperatures at this time of the year.  The early part of the day is likely to see Southwesterly Winds which is going to play a role in the day time temperatures


While last week it was mostly Southerly winds that was keeping the temperature under check for the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu, we are likely to see the winds blow more in a Southwesterly direction which could increase the temperature by a couple of notches.


Some parts of South Tamil Nadu, Kerala will receive rains under the effect of Wind Discontinuity at lower levels while the confluence of Easterlies & Westerlies are likely to trigger some thunderstorms over Coastal Andhra, Telengana and adjoining parts of Odisha.  A couple of days back parts of Odisha saw KalBaishaki (Norwester) with heavy rains and gale force winds.  One or two places are likely to see similar conditions today as well.


As mentioned in our opening paragraph Hotter Days in Chennai are ahead of us with temperatures expected to increase by a degree or two today for Chennai & its suburbs under the influence of the Southwesterly winds.  Meenambakkam could inch closer to 38 degrees crossing the 100°F mark while the city observatory could record maximum temperatures around 37 degrees while the western suburbs like Avadi, Tiruvallur should see higher temperatures.