Hot Weather in Tamil Nadu to ease for the weekend

The Hot Weather in Tamil Nadu prevailing over the last few days has seen some long term records set across many places.  While the coastal areas have seen possibly slightly better conditions the interior places have seen day time conditions become very uncomfortable under the relentless afternoon sun.  

But relief is on the way thanks to the developing synoptic activity in the Bay.  With a weak disturbance expected to be triggered in the coming days over South Bay Peninsular India is likely to see increase in cloud cover.  This increase in cloud cover is likely to bring some benefit in terms of keeping the day time maximum temperature under check.  While today could still see the interiors under marginally above normal day time temperatures weather in Tamil Nadu tomorrow could see an appreciable reduction in day time maximum temperatures.  With Easterlies picking up under the influence of developing synoptic activity the wind would also play a role in modulating both the day time and night time weather in Tamil Nadu.

As of now its still a bit far fetched to meaningfully estimate the influence areas and potential rainfall pattern from the upcoming disturbance aided and induced by Tropical Waves its worth keeping a watch on these pages to understand how things could evolve around end of the month and the first few days of March.

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