Hot Weather in Tamil Nadu set to continue

Hot Weather in Tamil Nadu continues as yesterday saw once again both Chennai observatories record temperatures in excess of 39 degrees.  Unlike the previous two days when Sea Breeze set in around 5:30 PM yesterday though as a much needed respite saw the sea breeze set in around 3:30 PM bringing down the temperatures particularly around the coastal areas.


Today also Weather in Tamil Nadu is likely to continue with similar pattern as dry weather dominates like the last few days after Cyclone Roanu made landfall.  As things stand there is not much synoptic activity to trigger the thunderstorms in larger scale.  We could see some isolated thunderstorms in the interior regions of South Tamil Nadu while one or two places around West TN could get some spells of passing showers due to heat trigger convection.  Overall the day is going to be hot and dry across the state.

Weather_Update_2  Parts of Andhra Pradesh & Telengana are likely to see once again day time high temperatures move around 43 / 44 degrees after being fairly pleasant for many days under the influence of the passing Cyclone Roanu.  Some parts of Kerala is likely to receive spells of rains towards evening today particularly around Central Kerala districts of Kottayam & Ernakulam.  Otherwise most parts of Peninsular India is likely to be dry.