Hot, Dry Weather to continue for North Tamil Nadu

The last couple of days has seen a marked increase in the day time temperatures for Chennai.  Nungambakkam saw 35.1 Degrees on Saturday & Sunday, while Meenambakkam crossed 36 degrees.  Vellore has crossed 38 degrees as well and is inching towards the first 40 Degrees day time temperature of the season.

These warm dry conditions are expected to continue for the next few days for North Tamil Nadu.  The Southern Peninsular is pretty much moisture less almost all across and rains are not expected any where except for few places in Kerala & Extreme South Tamil Nadu towards the end of the month.


While summer is still not yet  upon us it is slowly showing its face.  With the spring equinox passing the Northern Hemisphere on 20th March we are at that time of the year where the day is going to be longer than the nights.  This also means the sun would spend more time over the Northern Hemisphere thereby bring us the summer months.