Hot Daytime Weather in Chennai to continue, some chance of light rains

The last few days has seen Weather in Chennai stay hotter than normal during day time conditions.  Since 4th of August the temperatures have stayed above normal in Chennai with the last couple of days Nungambakkam has been recording temperatures that are 3 / 4 degrees higher than normal.  Other coastal places of North Tamil Nadu were also suffering from similar conditions as Pondicherry came very close to recording its hottest day ever during the month of August just missing the more than 50 year old record by about 0.2 degrees.


Weather in Chennai is expected to stay hot today as well as clearer skies and moderately strong Westerlies are expected to push up the temperatures to above normal once again.  North Tamil Nadu will once again see one or two places inch closer towards 40°C.  Like yesterday there is a chance of sea breeze once again trying to move into the coast which could possibly  trigger some isolated thunderstorms bringing some relief to those places.


West Coast continues to struggle under poor Southwest Monsoon with rains neither heavy nor widespread enough to address the situation.  Kerala is possibly seeing one of the worst monsoon in recent times with all districts recording lesser than normal rains (4 districts in normal category according to IMD classification) while all the other districts are facing a deficit situation.  Similar story in Coastal Karnataka and the interior regions along the Western Ghats were almost all the districts are seeing lesser than normal rains. Kodagu & Chickmagaluru districts are facing a deficit which is impacting the water inflows into the dams.


West Coast to the south of Goa continues to remain weak while the offshore trough to the North of Goa and running all the way up to Gujarat is providing for some isolated heavy rains in Maharashtra.  A few places in the Maharashtra ghats could receive heavy to very heavy rains today as well.  Sea breeze could trigger some convection in North Tamil Nadu bringing in isolated rains in the region, conditions are good for one or two thunderstorms in the stretch between Chennai & Pondy.