Hot Day likely in Chennai, evening sea breeze to bounce back from today

The last few days have seen Sea Breeze pretty much disappear from the vicinity of Chennai making it uncomfortable evenings and late nights as temperatures stayed above 30 degrees right into late evening.   Nights saw temperatures stay closer to 30 degrees making it very warm and sticky thanks to the humidity that is always present in Chennai. Yesterday saw both the Chennai observatories record day time maximum temperature in excess of 37 degrees while not far away from Chennai, Pondicherry recorded a very high 38 degrees. Weather_Update_1

Temperatures in Chennai are expected to high once again today with a good chance of the day time maximum temperature expected to stay around 36 / 37 degrees today while one or two places closer to Chennai is likely to even touch 38 / 39 degrees in North Tamil Nadu.  In an indication of the changing weather conditions we are likely to see sea breeze make its presence felt once again after vanishing from Chennai wind scape for the last few days.  Sea breeze could cross coast around 4 / 5 PM today making it a better evening compared to the last few days.  Whether would it trigger any thunderstorms today is a different question though and will depend on how moisture develops through the day.


In a prelude of a possible weakening of Monsoon surge over Peninsular India we are likely to see rains slow down in the West Coast with more places possibly getting only moderate showers and heavy rains restricted to one or two areas in the Ghat regions of Maharashtra & Karnataka.  Tamil Nadu could see isolated thunderstorms develop in one or two places in Central Tamil Nadu region while we can not rule out one or two weak thunderstorms in North TN in case the sea breeze plays the trigger as it could in the event of it making a strong surge.