Hot Day & Cold Morning Trend to Continue in Chennai

The last couple of days have seen Chennai day time temperatures move in opposite directions for day time and night time temperatures.  While the day time temperatures slowly have started inching beyond 32 / 33°C the night time minimum temperatures have been reducing marginally with each day.  While Chennai Meenambakkam recorded hottest & coolest day of 2017 yesterday Nungambakkam recorded hottest day and missed the coolest day by 0.2°C.

In a remarkable co-incidence Chennai Airport records the highest maximum and lowest minimum over the last 20 years for February 7th.  As one can see from the graph night time minimum temperatures have never dropped below 19 degrees on the same day over the last 20 years at Chennai Airport observatory.

Similar trend of hot day time conditions and cool / cold early morning is expected to continue today as well with possibly another hottest day & coolest night on the cards for most parts of Chennai and surrounding areas.

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