Hot Day ahead for Tamil Nadu, Evening Rains likely for North Coastal TN

The last few days has seen hot conditions dominate weather in Tamil Nadu, with clear skies aggravating the situation.   The absence of any meaningful thunderstorm activity is also to be blamed for the evening temperatures not coming down across many parts of the state.

But are we seeing anything unusual for South Tamil Nadu from the perspective of weather conditions this year? A quick study of temperature data over the last 5 years say there is nothing unusual and the current conditions are par for course for South Tamil Nadu.  As one can observe from the temperature data all the three places taken for study, Tiruchirappalli, Madurai & Tirunelveli (Palayamkottai) have seen far warmer Septembers on an average over the last 5 years.  Also this year’s highest temperature recorded during September is neither the hottest in the last five years either.


Nevertheless it is likely to be another hot day in South Tamil Nadu with many places expected to stay in the region of 38 / 39 degrees with not much respite expected.  North Tamil Nadu could see marginally better conditions with day time maximum temperature expected to stay around 35 / 36 degrees in the region.  Clearer skies will ensure the comfort factor is missing for most of the day.  Fairly strong Westerlies are expected during the early part of the day though it could be slightly weaker compared to the last few days allowing for sea breeze to possibly move inland deeper.


On a more macro level the Low Pressure continues to persist over the Northern parts of Peninsular India though it is likely to become less marked over the next day or two.  Nevertheless it is expected to give more rains to parts of Vidharbha, Telengana, Chhattisgarh and North Andhra Pradesh.


Coastal Tamil Nadu could see some spells of late evening thunderstorms triggered possibly by the movement of sea breeze inland around North Coastal region.   While still conditions are not conducive enough for wide spread thunderstorms yet, we could see moderate thunderstorms in one or two places around Chennai.