Hot Conditions to Persist over Andhra & Telengana

The Heat wave conditions over large parts of India including states like Telengana has continued unabated as every day new temperature records were sent for the hottest recorded temperature in March across many stations.  Yesterday saw Banda in Uttar Pradesh break the hottest recorded temperature in March for the second straight day.  Places in Vidharba like Chandrapur and Wardha were just short of their own records as Chandrapur topped the day as hottest place in India recording 44.2°C.

 For the past week or so the Northern areas of Telengana has been seeing hot conditions prevail along with the adjoining parts of Vidharba.  In the same context more parts of Rayalaseema region and parts of Coastal Andhra Pradesh has started seeing increase in day time temperatures with almost the entire composite Andhra Pradesh state seeing temperatures above 40°C across the region with few places recording as high as 42°C.  Similar trend is expected to continue today as well with another extremely hot day ahead across the twin states.

North Coastal areas including Chennai continue to enjoy a more moderate weather conditions with possibly nights getting warmer under the influence of prevailing Easterlies / Southerlies.  While some increase in temperature is expected starting from the weekend overall extreme heat is still some time away for Chennai.

Thanks to a wind discontinuity developing at lower levels of atmosphere areas along the Western Ghats stand a chance for some light to moderate rains later in the evening after a fairly warm day.  While models indicate mostly Kerala & Karnataka to benefit out of these spells of early summer rains isolated places in Tamil Nadu along the ghats along with one or two places in the Nilgiris as well could enjoy these showers.

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