Hot Chennai Summer day ahead, some chance of Isolated light rains

Yesterday saw a typical June Chennai Summer day with temperatures peaking above 38 degrees at both the observatories and sea breeze setting in well after sun set over many parts of the Southern suburbs of Chennai.  Places like OMR got a weak sea breeze around 7 PM making it a hot and uncomfortable day for the citizens.  While May typically sees high temperatures for Chennai but more often than not the sea breeze becomes a saviour for the city.  In June though the temperatures stays as high 30s’ but more often than not sea breeze tends to stay low or virtually absent making it very uncomfortable right through the evening and night.  For example last night the  minimum has stayed above 30 degrees right through.

After a fairly long delay Southwest Monsoon has checked into the Northeaster parts of the country yesterday.  Northeast India has been seeing  lesser than normal rains so far since the start of Southwest Monsoon season.  Under active monsoon conditions many parts of the region is expected to see heavy rains with one or two places getting very heavy rains as well. The Arabian Sea branch continues to stall around the Goa latitude and things are not expected to change over the next couple of days.  We are likely to see Monsoon set over Mumbai with a possible delay of about 7 days at least.


Parts of West Coast will continue to receive on and off spells of showers but mostly moderate rains are on the cards for the region under weak monsoon conditions over West Coast.  There is some chance of isolated rains over North Tamil Nadu under heat induced convection though the conditions are not conducive for the development of strong thunderstorms.


As mentioned above it is going to be a hot Chennai Summer day ahead for the city with temperatures expected to be in the region of around 38 / 39 degrees over most parts of North Tamil Nadu.  As has been the case for the last few days the coastal Tamil  Nadu region will continue to be the hottest area in Southern Peninsular India today as well.